Monday, 28 October 2019

Halloween Countdown: Wrapped Up Like a Mummy

Brrrr. It's chilly outside! Which makes it a perfect night to stay indoors and do some Halloween crafting—maybe even at the kitchen table while another Halloween movie plays in the background. (The Addams Family was amazing, by the way.)

Besides, the house is decorated, the pumpkins are carved, the outdoor decorations are...well, they're blowing around in the yard in this wind...  There isn't much more prep to do. In fact, I think this is the most "ready" I have ever been!

And I like doing crafts. Especially Halloween ones. So tonight, my sister and I are making something extra cozy—these awesome mummy lanterns.

I know, they're not that creepy, but they look so neat when they're lit up around the house. You could even use them to line your sidewalk, or put them on your steps Halloween night so the kids in your neighbourhood know where to find the treats. (And they probably won't get blown away by the wind!)

Click here to see the full directions (plus about 40 other cool ideas)—and then get mummifying those empty jars. If your house is anything like mine, they're laying around everywhere!

And that's a wrap on today's post. <grin> Gotta jet, but I'll see you tomorrow for another spooktacular Halloween Countdown post. Just THREE more sleeps!

~ Chase Superman duffy 

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