Friday, 11 October 2019

Halloween Countdown: Building a haunted house

Good morning!

A few years ago, my grandpa and I made soap box race cars after I spent time at the race track watching Kevin Therres race his Jet Engine Funny Car (which runs on 100% canola biodiesel) in Lethbridge. It's true that Grandpa did most of the work, but I learned a lot.

So this weekend, when I'm not eating turkey, helping with chores, or making pumpkin crafts with my sister, I'm going to put those skills to use and make....


Isn't it the most amazing haunted mansion you've ever seen?

And the best part is that basically, its made out of different shaped boxes and cartons you already have around the house. Like cereal boxes. I know we have some of those because Mom bought PUMPKIN SPICE CHEERIOS the other day and my sister and I have eaten them every day.

I'm sure I'll be able to find more boxes in the garage, in Grandpa's shed, or in the recycling bin. And once I've gathered enough boxes in different shapes? It's pretty much "use your own imagination." And well, I do have a pretty amazing imagination.

Want to put yours to use this weekend?

First, ask your parents for help cutting the cardboard into the shape you want. Don't forget to make windows and doors.

Once that's done, you can spray the whole structure black. (Hopefully the weather stays okay so I can do this outside—though Sunday it's supposed to get a bit chilly.) Then, you add your accents using cardboard, construction paper, or whatever you find.

Click here to see how this Pinterester finished up their Haunted House—but remember, you can make it anyway YOU want to. I'm excited to get started.

Gotta jet! See you tomorrow for more creeptastic ways to countdown to Halloween. And don't forget to send me pictures of your spooky houses!

~ Chase Superman Duffy

PS - If you want to see how Grandpa and I made those soap box race cars, order or download your copy of Gotta Jet! from the Alberta Canola Producers Commission website. 

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