Friday, 27 July 2012

Company's Coming!

I’m so excited! Grandpa’s pen pal from Greece is coming to visit this weekend – they’ve been writing to each other for more than 50 years.

50 years!

Grandpa said he started writing to Niko in junior high as part of a class assignment, and they’ve been close friends ever since. Grandpa even went to Greece after high school to visit Niko.

I wonder if we’ll write to pen pals in class this year? Grandpa says it’s the best way to practice writing (they don’t even use e-mail!), learn about new cultures, and sometimes, if you’re lucky, find friends for life.

Grandma’s busy in the kitchen baking and coming up with recipes. I hope she makes her famous Greek salad J

Gotta jet!

- Chase Superman Duffy

P.S. Don’t forget to check out another alternate ending to Gotta Jet by Grade 4 St. Vidal Grandin student, Sharla. It’s a real thriller.


As the race starts, the wise words of Kevin pop back into Chase’s head.

“Did you have fun making the car? Did you practice? That’s what’s important, son.”

Chase sees Lightening way in front of him, but as he speeds down the hill, Prairie Gold whips by Lightening. Five feet away from the finish line, Lightening and Chase are neck and neck.

Just an instant before the finish line, they smirk at each other. The tips of their cars snap the ribbon. The flagger hesitates…


The End 

Monday, 23 July 2012

Fields of yellow...and Capital X

I love Alberta!

Grandpa and I took a little drive around some of the rural areas near Red Deer, and the land was like a patchwork quilt of green and yellow. The canola fields are in full bloom! Isn’t it beautiful?

This weekend we’re going to take some pictures of Grandpa’s canola fields. I kind of hope we get one of those awesome thunder storms. The yellow looks great under a blue sky, but it’s even more stark against a giant grey storm cloud.

Got any canola pictures? Send me a photo! We can publish some on the blog or even on

I’m heading to Capital X with my friends this weekend. Last year, we saw some carnival rides that ran on canola biodiesel, the kind of fuel race car driver Kevin Therres uses in his jet engine funny car.

Speaking of that car…check below for an alternative ending to Gotta Jet, written by Vital Grandin Grade 4 student Rod. It’s another cliffhanger!

Gotta jet!

- Chase Superman Duffy


It all went black. Chase was in a dark alley. There were two soap box cars parked there. Kevin and Grandpa were getting ready to race. The surprising thing is that they were like ten-year-old kids.

But when they saw Chase, they said, "Who are you?"

Chase's jaw dropped. "You sure look like people I know. Are you Kevin and my Grandpa?"

One kid answered, "I'm Kevin, but there's no Grandpa here!"

"But you look so familiar. Well, it looks like you like to race cars. Let's go!"

Chase shook his head. he crossed the finish line and the crowd went wild. Grandpa hugged Chase and escorted him up to the podium to get this trophy. Chase couldn't believe it. Was he dreaming?

Friday, 13 July 2012

Berry Delicious!

Mom and I went to the grocery store last night and guess what I saw? Berries! That's right, it's that time of year again - not just the end of the school year, but the season for fresh betties. Strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries - yum!

It’s perfect timing since I’m really trying to step up my training for track and field this summer. Which means eating healthy, running, and drinking lots of Grandma’s special berry smoothies.

Last year she taught me to add just two teaspoons of canola oil to my berry smoothie  - which gives it an added boost of vitamin E and omega-3 fat, the stuff I need to run faster, like Superman.

I really noticed a difference in my training last year,  so now that fresh berry season is back, I’m ready to fire up the blender.

Gotta Jet!

- Chase Superman Duffy

P.S. - Ready for another alternate ending to Gotta Jet? Check out this action-packed mystery ending by Ashley, a Grade 4 student from Vital Grandin elementary in St. Albert, AB.


Chase and Gordon were off around the corners and back! 

Grandpa, Kevin and Grandma cheered as they zoomed by. Smoke from Lightening's car passed Prairie Gold Jr. Prairie Gold started slowing down!

His gas was gone.

Chase looked back at Kevin, but Kevin was wearing a mask. It was Gordon's dad. He tricked him!

Grandpa raced to see what was wrong and Chase told him they'd been tricked. 

Grandpa ran to get the canola biodiesel  - together the poured it in and Chase was off again. He passed Gordon at the finish line. Gordon could not believe it. 

"I won, I really won," Chase screamed. 


Want to try your hand at an alternate ending. Send your story to me at and it might be published on the blog!

Friday, 6 July 2012

Stampeding to Calgary


The Calgary Stampede celebrates its 100th Anniversary this year, and my family and I are heading to the grounds this weekend to take in some of the action.

Mom says she can’t wait to tour the exhibitor kiosks and maybe pick up another pair of cowboy boots (I’ve never seen her wear the ones she bought last year!), and Dad and Grandpa will probably hang out at the Alberta Canola Producers’ Commission Ag-tivity in the City booth.

My sister is most excited for the rides. Sure, they’re fun, but for me it’s all about those mini donuts and the chance to see some celebrity’s. Last year the Royals were there! Maybe I’ll catch a glimpse of a famous musician like Garth Brooks or Carly Rae Jepsen.

Happy 100th Stampede! Stampede is just one of many summer agricultural events. Which fair will you be visiting this summer?

Gotta jet!

Oh hey, here’s another story ending from the talented kids at Vital Grandin school in St. Albert. Remember, if the story endings below inspire you to write your own, send me your version to Maybe I’ll publish your ending, too!

-       Chase Superman Duffy

This week, a story ending by Joseph from Vital Grandin school:


Chase zoomed through the track but Gordon “Lightening” was ahead by a few inches. But Chase kept gaining speed. Chase went faster and faster and faster but suddenly…


One of Chase’s tires went flat.

Now Chase crept along slower and slower and slower. Gordon had already done one third of the laps.

Chase stopped and his Grandpa put a new tire on the car. Then instantly, Chase went flying through the course again. Chase and Gordon were both flying through the last lap.

It was a photo finish!

The difference was oil seconds between them and the winner was Chase Duffy!

                                                            THE END