Friday, 6 July 2012

Stampeding to Calgary


The Calgary Stampede celebrates its 100th Anniversary this year, and my family and I are heading to the grounds this weekend to take in some of the action.

Mom says she can’t wait to tour the exhibitor kiosks and maybe pick up another pair of cowboy boots (I’ve never seen her wear the ones she bought last year!), and Dad and Grandpa will probably hang out at the Alberta Canola Producers’ Commission Ag-tivity in the City booth.

My sister is most excited for the rides. Sure, they’re fun, but for me it’s all about those mini donuts and the chance to see some celebrity’s. Last year the Royals were there! Maybe I’ll catch a glimpse of a famous musician like Garth Brooks or Carly Rae Jepsen.

Happy 100th Stampede! Stampede is just one of many summer agricultural events. Which fair will you be visiting this summer?

Gotta jet!

Oh hey, here’s another story ending from the talented kids at Vital Grandin school in St. Albert. Remember, if the story endings below inspire you to write your own, send me your version to Maybe I’ll publish your ending, too!

-       Chase Superman Duffy

This week, a story ending by Joseph from Vital Grandin school:


Chase zoomed through the track but Gordon “Lightening” was ahead by a few inches. But Chase kept gaining speed. Chase went faster and faster and faster but suddenly…


One of Chase’s tires went flat.

Now Chase crept along slower and slower and slower. Gordon had already done one third of the laps.

Chase stopped and his Grandpa put a new tire on the car. Then instantly, Chase went flying through the course again. Chase and Gordon were both flying through the last lap.

It was a photo finish!

The difference was oil seconds between them and the winner was Chase Duffy!

                                                            THE END

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