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In 2015, I'm going to read 25 books. They don't have to be novels—they could be graphic novels, comics, picture books, or even e-serials. Whatever it takes to increase my reading!

Because you know what they say, right? Reading is the most important thing you can do to hone your writing skills.

To keep myself accountable—and as a way to recommend GREAT books for you to read—I'm going to do a short review of each thing I read here…starting in January. You can check out my reviews here, or on Tumblr (SupermanDuffy). Don't forget to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I'm really embracing this whole social media thing.

And, if you have book recommendations for me, email me at I'll add it to already growing TBR list.

- Chase Superman Duffy

Book 1: Galaxy Jack — Hello, Nebulon

It's no secret I love everything to do with outer space — so when I read that this book is about a young boy who moves from Earth to the planet Nebulon, I knew this would be the PERFECT book to kick off my 25 books in 2014 reading challenge.


When Zack moves to Nebulon, he realizes nothing is the same as his home planet — not the sky, the water, the land. Nothing! Cars can even fly (sign me up!)

I really liked all of the cool gadgets in the book, like the elevator that goes in every direction and a bed that drops down from the ceiling every night in Zack's room. It really got me thinking about some of the cool gadgets I could dream up for my next story—which just might be a space adventure after reading this book.

Actually, I kind of wish I could visit Nebulon myself!

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