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The Alberta Canola Producers Commission (ACPC) offers a variety of FREE curriculum-friendly resources for Alberta teachers.


This StoryScapes mini-unit is based on an adaptation of the Storyline strategy, a method that encourages students to build and explore understandings and deepen their appreciation and knowledge of topics or concepts.

The Storyline approach fosters critical and creative thinking, democratic practices and skills, curiosity and self-directed learning - all essential 21st century competencies.

It is based on the basic elements of story, a structure familiar and comfortable to children. Storyline strategy integrates literacy skills and helps children apply their learning in authentic and self-directed contexts.

For Grade 5, the Storyscapes study guide is an excellent complement to the Chase Duffy adventure books. To order it - or additional educational resources - contact the ACPC at 1-800-551-6652 or by email at

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