Friday, 29 June 2012

Standing on a cliff…hanger

School’s out for summer!

I can’t believe how fast the year went by. One minute I’m shopping with Mom for new school supplies, and the next I’m cleaning out my locker. Yeah, that took a while.  You should see my room sometimes.

Of course I’m going to train for track and field all summer, but I also plan to read a lot – and write! Last week in class, we talked about cliffhangers  - you know when a story ends in suspense and doesn’t tell you exactly what happened?

Well, the storybook Gotta Jet ends like that. Me and my friends “red head”and “Lightening” are at the start line getting ready to race our soap box cars, the starting pistol goes off, and then…GO! But who wins?

Of course WINNING isn’t everything, but the cliffhanger leaves it open for me or even YOU to come up with an ending. That’s what some Grade 4 students at St. Vital Grandin School in St. Albert, AB did after they read the book.

Over the summer, I thought I’d share some of their endings on my blog. I mean, they’re pretty good!

Haven’t read it yet? Don’t worry – there’s plenty of story before the big race.

Gotta Jet!

- Chase Superman Duffy

PS – if the story endings below inspire you to write your own, send me your version to Maybe I’ll publish your ending, too.

First up, an ending by Josh P


Chase’s wheels were going faster than lightning. It felt like he was lifting off the ground. He felt like he was flying! Now he really was Superman. His Grandpa was cheering, “Go Chase Go!”

That was when everything went black.

“Chase, Chase, can you hear me?”

Chase opened his eyes to find his Grandpa smiling and yelling.
“Chase, Chase! You’re winning.”

“Winning?” I muttered.

That meant the race was still on! He looked behind him and Lightning was loading his water cannon.

“Readu…Fire!” screamed Lightening.

Now Chase was wet and anticipating his next move…

                                                            THE END

Huh...that's kind of a cliffhanger in itself, isn't it? Check back all summer to read more!

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