Monday, 23 July 2012

Fields of yellow...and Capital X

I love Alberta!

Grandpa and I took a little drive around some of the rural areas near Red Deer, and the land was like a patchwork quilt of green and yellow. The canola fields are in full bloom! Isn’t it beautiful?

This weekend we’re going to take some pictures of Grandpa’s canola fields. I kind of hope we get one of those awesome thunder storms. The yellow looks great under a blue sky, but it’s even more stark against a giant grey storm cloud.

Got any canola pictures? Send me a photo! We can publish some on the blog or even on

I’m heading to Capital X with my friends this weekend. Last year, we saw some carnival rides that ran on canola biodiesel, the kind of fuel race car driver Kevin Therres uses in his jet engine funny car.

Speaking of that car…check below for an alternative ending to Gotta Jet, written by Vital Grandin Grade 4 student Rod. It’s another cliffhanger!

Gotta jet!

- Chase Superman Duffy


It all went black. Chase was in a dark alley. There were two soap box cars parked there. Kevin and Grandpa were getting ready to race. The surprising thing is that they were like ten-year-old kids.

But when they saw Chase, they said, "Who are you?"

Chase's jaw dropped. "You sure look like people I know. Are you Kevin and my Grandpa?"

One kid answered, "I'm Kevin, but there's no Grandpa here!"

"But you look so familiar. Well, it looks like you like to race cars. Let's go!"

Chase shook his head. he crossed the finish line and the crowd went wild. Grandpa hugged Chase and escorted him up to the podium to get this trophy. Chase couldn't believe it. Was he dreaming?

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