Friday, 4 October 2019

Halloween Countdown: Monster-sized treats

We're only 4 days in to this Halloween Countdown and I'm already craving some monster-sized treats. And since it's still more than three weeks until my treat bag overflows with candy, I've convinced Mom to help me make some spooktacular snacks this weekend.

In the Superman Duffy graphic novel TASTING MY STORY, there's a great recipe for Monster Cookies (they're delicious!) but they're not quite Halloween-themed.

So, Mom and I went through Pinterest and found the best cookies ever!

Get a load of these!

Awesome, right?

Mom said we can even set up a "cookie bar" so that everyone in the family can design their own monster using icing, sprinkles, popsicle sticks, candy eyes, and whatever else we can get our hands on. And the best part? These are just simple sugar cookies...well, Mom says they're simple. She's going to make them ahead of time.

I'm so excited!

Gotta jet! But if you want to make your own  MONSTER COOKIES check out these directions. And if these are too scary for you, you can make the ones in TASTING MY STORY—get your copy from the Alberta Canola Producers Commission. They're fantastic!

Have a great Friday.

~ Chase Superman Duffy

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