Saturday, 19 October 2019

Halloween Countdown: Apple pumpkins?

Can you believe it? We're just 12 sleeps from the big day!

Yesterday, my dad brought home four GIANT pumpkins—one for each of us. And I can't wait to get started with the carving... But its' not quite time for that yet.

That doesn't mean I can't get into the pumpkin spirit though.

This afternoon we're going to a haunted pumpkin patch, and right now Mom is making pumpkin loaf. It's delicious! (Even better than her banana loaf, in my opinion...though Dad disagrees. He's not into pumpkin spice anything, really.)

While Mom's loaf bakes, my sister and I are spending a bit of quiet time with this awesome craft using apples from my grandparents's canola farm.

Fun, right?

But wait, there's more! To get to the above stage, have an adult cut your apple in half. Paint the cut side with orange paint, and before it dries, stamp it on a piece of paper, or maybe card stock to make fun Halloween cards. Then, use a bit of green paint to add your stem.

Let the paint dry, and then grab your paintbrush and a some black paint. Now's the time to get creative!

What Jack-O-Lantern face will YOU paint?

Tip: If you don't want to paint on the faces, grab some black construction paper and a glues tick. Cut out shapes for the eyes, nose and mouth, and paste them onto the page. You can even add sticks for stems, fake jewels for a bedazzled look, or anything, really. Have fun!

Gotta jet! Have a great day!

~ Chase Superman Duffy

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