Thursday 10 October 2019

Halloween Countdown: Word games and more!

My mom's totally on board with the alternatives to carving pumpkin crafts I picked out to do at Grandma's this weekend—but she suggested I also come up with some "quieter" and less messy projects to keep me busy, as well.

Sounds like my grandparents have a lot to do with harvest still, and there's only so much my sister and I can do to help. (Although if Grandma has some garden veggies she still needs to dig out, Amelia and I love to get our hands dirty.)

Grandma loves Bingo, so I dug up a few (free) Halloween-inspired Bingo cards from Makoodle that you can download. Mom said she's pick up some candy corn for us to use as blotters. The trick will be to not eat them before we're done the game.

Not a Bingo fan? Don't worry, I also found some Word Searches (my mom's favourite). You can play "hunt and seek" with spooky vocabulary. And if you prefer Crossword Puzzles, like my dad, check out this link—and on this site there's even a Halloween-inspired sudoku.

I'm actually going to suggest these links for my language arts teacher, Mrs. Kratky, and see what she thinks. Maybe we'll even skip Math tomorrow and play Halloween word games instead!

Gotta jet! I hope you have a day filled with Halloween fun—and I'll see you tomorrow as we continue to count down the days to my favourite time of the year! Just 21 sleeps to the big day!

~ Chase Superman Duffy

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