Monday, 14 October 2019

Halloween Countdown: Being thankful and having fun

Good morning! And Happy Thanksgiving.

We celebrated our Thanksgiving yesterday with my grandparents, and I got so wrapped up in helping with the cooking, and crafting with my sister, that I completely forgot to post a blog yesterday. I really hope you weren't waiting for it—or if you were, that today's post makes up for it.

We're just over two weeks from the BIG day, and my To Do list is starting to pile up. I haven't picked this year's costume, or chosen a pumpkin carving, or even started on our outdoor decorations. But this morning, Mom made pumpkin spice pancakes in the shape of Jack-o-Lanterns—they were delicious!—and that got me all fired up (and fuelled up) to kick my Halloween prep into high gear.

Of course, it's raining so I won't be doing the outside decorations, but I think I'll do some indoor decorating...with Mom's help, of course. And then maybe some reading or writing.

Speaking of reading, while I was waiting for pancakes to be ready, I dug up some pretty hilarious cartoons showing what Halloween might be like in the animal kingdom. Scroll down—I dare you not to laugh.

Hilarious, right? That last one made my stomach hurt I laughed so hard! And the bear going as Facebook? <grin> Amazing.

Oh and I should say, while I'm taking extra time to be thankful this weekend, I want to say THANK YOU for sticking with me. Some of you have been reading my blog for a long time, and I appreciate your support. I have the best readers in the universe!

Ok, gotta jet! It's already almost 10 am—Halloween prep starts...NOW! See you tomorrow.

~ Chase Superman Duffy

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