Monday, 23 October 2017

Halloween Countdown: 8 Sleeps!

Eeep! Halloween is just 8 sleeps away! The month is flying by so fast it's...scary! (Mwahahaha) You know what else is terrifying? The start of National Novel Writing Month (aka: NaNoWriMo)—which is 9 sleeps away. Gulp. 

I'll be doing my usual NaNoWriMo blog, with daily writing tips and other information I've gathered from several sources (including the author of the Superman Duffy graphic novels)—but today, I'm going to post five more story prompts. (Just in case you're stuck on what you'll start writing on November 1.)

Ready? Okay, here we go. Who knows, maybe one of them will be just what you need to get your creative juices flowing?

  1. Write a 10-line Halloween poem using the following words: black cat, pumpkin, dark, graveyard, ghost, witch, gloomy, haunted, clown, and spooky.
  2. Of all of the costumes you have ever worn on Halloween, what costumes are among your favorite? What makes these costumes so memorable? Describe what the costumes looked like. 
  3. Write a 50-100 word story using the first line, "It was all fun and games until we saw something move in the Haunted house." 
  4. Write a recipe for a magic potion using five items you see around your house or classroom. In addition to the ingredients list, provide cooking directions and explain the purpose of the magic potion. 
  5. Imagine you are hosting a Halloween party. Identify three people (dead or alive) that you would invite to your party (aside from your friends and family). What makes these guests so special? Why do you think they would make a great guest at your Halloween party?
So...? Do any of these writing prompts inspire you? If not, go back to this post (or this one!) for Halloween story starters I've used this month. And if a creepy story isn't what you want to write this November, check out my archive of story prompts here. 

I've got a big day ahead of me, so I've gotta jet, but don't forget to check in tomorrow. I have a great Halloween Countdown post planned—you're not gonna want to miss it!

~ Chase Superman Duffy 

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