Friday, 20 October 2017

Halloween Countdown: 11 Sleeps!

Halloween night is so close now that I can hardly stop the fluttering in my stomach. It's mostly excitement, but I'm also a bit nervous about everything I still have to do—like pick a costume, carve my pumpkin, and decorate the inside AND outside of the house. (Pictures when I finish!)

But for today's post, I'm knocking off one of the items on my very big To Do list. Every year, I give my fellow classmates a Halloween-inspired treat. One time, I put candy in latex gloves for a creepy "grab bag" <grin>, and my mom made caramel popcorn balls once. This year, every kid in my class is getting a Lollipop Ghost. 

Spooktacular, right? And who doesn't love a Tootsie Pop? You can find the full directions on this Pinterest post, but you'll get the gist by scrolling through the pictures below. All you need is tissue, ribbon, a black felt marker, and Tootsie pops (or another kind of lollipop with a similar shape).

I think my class mates are going to love them. I might even make some for my parents to hand out when people come trick-or-treating at our door. Not that I'll be there...I've got some trick-or-treat plans of my own!

Gotta jet! See you tomorrow...right?

~ Chase Superman Duffy

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