Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Halloween Countdown: Vote For This Year's Costume!

As you know, dressing up for Halloween is one of my favourite activities of the season—even though half the time, I end up going as Superman, the best comic book character in the universe. (Well, besides "comic book me," of course!)

But when I was on the Internet looking for pumpkin carving ideas (and wow, did I find some AMAZING ones), I kept clicking on costume options as well...and so, I'm conflicted.

Superman is my go-to costume. It already fits, people know it's me when I come to their door for treats (or tricks), and "Superman" is my nickname. But I also love Frankenstein, and I look pretty cool as a green monster. It's just that neither of those costumes is very warm, and judging by the weather already, I predict a cold Halloween.

So, I could go as one of the creatures from Beneath the SOIL — like the spider, which is pretty creepy. The costume itself is furry, and warm... Or, there's always my astronaut get-up where I channel the great Canadian astronaut, Robert Thirsk. He's featured in the Superman Duffy graphic novel It's A Blast!

So many choices. And don't get me started on some of the cool costumes I've seen at the stores—characters from Star Wars, Harry Potter, and so many more! It's mind boggling.

Which is why I need YOU to make a decision. No, really. I can't do it. Scroll down to see what I look like in each of the four costumes I mentioned above. Vote for your favourite...or leave an idea for something different in the comments below.

See, they're all pretty great, right? I know, there's still 21 days to Halloween...but it goes quickly. (But not fast enough!)

Gotta jet! See you tomorrow for more Halloween Countdown fun.

~ Chase Superman Duffy

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