Tuesday 2 October 2018

Halloween Countdown: Planning A Classroom Party

Yesterday my teacher—Mrs. Kratky—said *I* could be in charge of planning the class Halloween party....since I loved the holiday so much. I'm thrilled <heh> but also a little scared <heh heh> because it's so. much. responsibility. I mean, what if I plan games that my friends don't like? Or decorate the class with something too scary?

Mrs. Kratky said I could form a committee to help out, so I've asked my friends Lightning and Sophie—and they're both in! Three is good, but more is even better, right? So I'm tagging all of YOU to be a part of my planning committee too.

Our first order of business will be to plan some games. Below are some ideas—but we're definitely open to ideas! Let me know which ones you think sound the most fun:

First up, the PUMPKIN TOSS. Basically, you line up some plastic trick-or-treat pumpkins on the floor, and then either in teams, or individually, you toss candy corn at the buckets. Whoever gets the most candy corn IN the bucket wins. Even though we don't have a LOT of room in the classroom, this could work if we moved some desks around.

Next, I present PIN THE EYES ON THE GHOST. You could use a skeleton or a pumpkin, or even a picture of Frankenstein—but I like the look of this spooky spirit. The idea is that you try and put the eyes on the ghost...while blindfolded.

Drop it like it's hot? HOT PUMPKIN is pretty much like "hot potato." The teacher starts playing music, and the students all stand in a circle passing the mini pumpkin around. Whoever is holding it when the music stops is "out." We could really Halloween this up by playing creepy music!

This one could be fun! For the SPIDER BLOW you need straws (preferably NOT plastic ones) and some small plastic spiders. Students would like up and blow through the straw to try and move the spiders across a "finish line." I know quite a few kids in my class have some pent up hot air. Sounds like the perfect game, don't you think?

Four fun games...which ones would YOU choose? Or, do you have some you would add? Remember, if you comment on my post or share it on social media (and tag me so I know you did!) then you could WIN a copy of Beneath the SOIL, the spookiest book in the Superman Duffy collection of educational graphic novels.

Gotta jet! See you tomorrow for more tricks...or treats (I haven't decided) to countdown to Halloween.

~ Chase Superman Duffy

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