Monday, 29 October 2018

Halloween Countdown: Catching Up!

Whoops! It looks like my scheduled blog posts for the past three days of my Halloween Countdown didn't upload! Thanks for all of you who sent me messages over the weekend checking in (even though I didn't get them until late last night), and I'm sorry if you were waiting for those posts.

Just because my blog posts didn't go up doesn't mean I wasn't counting down the days, though. This weekend was PACKED, and with only two more sleeps until the big day, I thought it best I just give you a run down of my awesome weekend.

You already know I carved my pumpkin. Here is mine:

Spooky, right?

And I've decided on a Halloween costume, but I won't share that yet. It's a surprise that I'll reveal on Wednesday morning!

Our family had our spooktacular Halloween party on Saturday. Here are some of the foods we made. Well, mostly Mom and Dad, but my sister and I helped out. (If you want any of the recipes, email me and I'll send them to you.

Last night, my family went to GOOSEBUMPS, which was AWESOME. Even better than the first movie. R.L. Stine is one of my favourite writers, and I'm so glad his books have made it to the theatre. I hear his other series—Fear Street—is ALSO being made into a film. Creeptastic!

Today I am spending my lunch hour with a few friends and our teacher planning out the remaining details of our Halloween party in the classroom, and tonight, I think my dad is taking my sister and I to the corn maze. I can't wait.

Sorry again for the missed posts. Sometimes technology isn't as great as we think. What did you do this weekend? Any Halloween fun? Share in the comments for a chance to WIN a copy of Beneath the SOIL, the most spooktacular book in the Superman Duffy series of educational graphic novels.

Gotta jet! Have a creeptastic day!

~ Chase Superman Duffy 

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