Friday, 4 May 2012

Thanks a teacher this May 8

Did you know that May 8 is National Teacher’s Day in Canada?

It’s not an official holiday where we get to stay home from school, but that would kind of defeat the purpose, since it’s actually the perfect day to thank the teachers who have made an impact on your life.

Coach Taylor is at the top of my list. He’s believed in me since I first tried out for the track team, but every practice he teaches me something about humility, being a good team player, the importance of practice, and learning to be my very best. Important skills not just for the field, but for everyday life, too!

Mom thinks I should also take flowers to Mrs. Kratky, my Language Arts teacher.  She’s the reason I started writing short stories – and last month, she even taught me how to write a poem. I know, my Mom was shocked, too.

Which teachers will you thank this week?

Gotta Jet!

- Chase Superman Duffy

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