Friday, 27 April 2012

Let it grow, let it grow

Mom starts her plants in these "pucks" of potting soil.  These are tomatoes..

Mom turned her sunroom into a greenhouse! I came home from school one day and found her up to her elbows in dirt. Potting soil, actually.

Since Alberta’s weather is, er, unpredictable, Mom says her garden grows best when she starts her plants from seeds – and then waits until way after the May long weekend to actually put them in the dirt outside. Hopefully by then, the roots will have taken hold and they can survive more drastic weather changes.
I bet Grandpa wishes he could plant his canola field inside first, too.
Tonight, I’m helping Mom with the vegetables. I tried to grow my own pumpkin patch last year, but the rainy weather early in the season drowned the plants before they even had an opportunity to pop out of the ground.
Mom says they’ll have a much better chance this year if we wait a little longer to plant them. If I’m lucky, I might even get to carve a pumpkin from my OWN garden.
Gotta jet.
- Chase Superman Duffy

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  1. The seedlings look awesome! Wish I had the room to do some. Sigh. At the rate 'spring' is going, we'll all be planting in June!