Friday, 20 April 2012

Let's celebrate World Earth Day!

Kevin (the driver) and his Jet Engine Funny Car

I’m turning my cell phone off on April 22.
Sounds drastic, right? But not really. Grandpa says its one way I can make a difference on World Earth Day
My family tries to think “green” all the time (Mom is really picky about making sure we always recycle) but April 22 is a day of recognizing the importance of paying attention to the environment.
My Dad says he’s going to change all of the light bulbs in the house to more energy efficient bulbs. My sister isn’t going to watch ANY TV that day, either.
Did you know Alberta canola farmers are looking out for the Earth, too? Canola can be made into biodiesel that is Earth-friendly because it has fewer emissions than petroleum diesel, which keeps our air cleaner. It even smells like popcorn or French fries when used as fuel.
Grandpa and I went to the car races last year and I met a race car driver who uses 100% canola biodiesel in his Jet Engine Funny Car. Want to read more about it? Write a comment below about how you will celebrate World Earth Day and I’ll mail you a copy of Gotta Jet.
And now I…gotta jet!
- Chase Superman Duffy

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