Friday, 6 April 2012

Fun family time this Easter

Dad bought me and my sister an X-box Kinect for Christmas this year. It’s one of those gaming systems where you play all kinds of sports and it’s almost like you’re really doing it! Mom uses it for her “Biggest Loser” workouts.

But over the Easter holidays, we’re going to play some games as a family. Like bowling. And track and field. (Okay, maybe I have a bit of an advantage in that game…even running on the spot I’m almost as fast as Superman.) Seriously!

I’m not usually much of a gamer – I don’t have the kind of patience my friends do for some of the popular games. I need to be on the move, or I feel anxious. But the Kinect is different…plus, I’ll still get a little more exercise.

Coach says exergaming is better than just watching TV or playing Pac Man, and it’s great fun while  keeping active, but we all know that if you truly want to to stay fit, you need to pair it with a more traditional workout.

Like running of course.

How will you spend your Easter holidays? Hope you work in a little activity to burn off some of that chocolate from the Easter Bunny.  

Gotta Jet!

- Chase Superman Duffy

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