Friday, 25 May 2012

I can see Cleary now

Cleary's grandpa helps her get ready
Grandpa and I watched the eclipse last Sunday, but before that, my Dad and I saw something even more awesome!

Dad took me to Medicine Hat Speedway on Saturday afternoon to watch the Jet Engine Funny Car race in a special Canada vs U.S. shootout. 

Remember I went last year and met the driver of Prairie Gold, Kevin Therres? His corvette runs on 100% canola biodiesel – you wouldn’t believe how fast it goes. Faster than superman, even!

Kevin is pretty awesome. But you know who else is pretty awesome?

Cleary Thompson

Cleary is a 10-year-old Jr. Dragster racer who was also at the track last weekend. She’s fast! Her car Rock Angel may not be as flashy as Prairie Gold or shoot flames out the back end, but I have a feeling the dragster is just the beginning of her racing career.

Cleary’s been racing since she was 8-years-old. 

Cleary with illustrator James Grasdal
You can tell. Minutes before her race she was sitting at the table with illustrator James Grasdal playing a game of Draw Something. And when the time came, she got up, walked to her car, geared up with helmet and all, and dropped into the driver’s seat. 

She’s so comfortable behind the wheel. She said she doesn’t even get nervous, which seems crazy to me because she’s flying down the track way faster than I could ever run – and I can run pretty fast. It’s like she’s fearless.

Dad says Cleary just knows what she wants, kind of like me. She says she’s really active in all kinds of sports, but she really wants to be a car racer. I’m pretty sure Cleary will do whatever she sets her mind to.

Gotta Jet! It’s not raining which means I’m hitting the track myself today – track and field practice, that is. Have a great weekend!

- Chase Superman Duffy

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