Monday, 31 October 2011

My super costume

Happy Halloween!

I'm "super" impressed with my secret-keeping abilities this month.

Ever since I decided on this year's Halloween costume, I've been "super" tempted to give it away. I made my little sister promise not to tell anyone, and Mom has been "super" stealthy about not giving in to Grandma's constant pleas for hints.

I couldn't wait to show Sophie this morning - who looks "super" cute as Smurfette. But, um, she said she guessed my costume weeks ago. She still giggled when she saw me, though and said I made the perfect....

So did you know, too? 

Gotta jet - we're going trick or treating now, and if I don't hurry, I'm going to need this cape to FLY over to my friends so I don't left behind.

Safe Halloween!

- Chase Superman Duffy

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