Friday, 21 October 2011

Trick or treat?

Every Halloween, Mom makes me take my little sister trick-or-treating. It’s awful! She never stops talking, and the neighbours all think she’s adorable. 


But this year, I’m allowed to go out with a group of my friends. Whoopa! 

Sophie is going to be there, too…which is why I started really thinking about what I want to be for Halloween. It’s less than two weeks away.

Sophie's mom is making her a Smurfette costume. I heard Sophie talking about it in Social Studies class the other day. She’s going to paint her face blue and everything. 

I bet she looks really cute.

I thought about being a vampire – until I tried on the costume. Yuck.

This isn't me, just so you know... 

Mom thought I should be a stormtrooper…

Well, at least I’d be warm.

But neither of those costumes got me excited. I looked ridiculous in the Harry Potter outfit, and I’m not a very convincing pirate. A whole bunch of kids are going to be zombies. Boring.

I asked Grandpa for advice, and he told me that Halloween is a fun time to be someone you’ve always wanted to be – like a rockstar, or actor…

And then it came to me. The most perfect costume.


Sorry – you’ll have to wait! I’ll unveil my Halloween costume next week on the blog.  You don’t want to miss it – it’s going to be EPIC!  But feel free to share yours with me…

Gotta jet.

- Chase Superman Duffy

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