Saturday, 5 November 2011

Too much candy? That's crazy talk!

My superman costume wasn't just a hit at school. Between me and my friends, we filled three pillow cases full of Halloween candy - and that was only a couple hours of trick-or-treating.

Even after I traded all of my caramel Hershey bars for my sister's Tootsie Rolls, I brought home a mountain of goodies. Far more than an athlete should eat. At least that's what coach Taylor and my health teacher say.

A registered dietitian came to the school last week and talked to us about the importance of a balanced diet, and how each of the food groups plays a role in overall health. I guess Halloween candy isn't one of the major food groups. And as it turns out, those Tootsie Rolls can be more trick than treat. 

Simple sugars, like the kind you find in chocolate and other candy, give you a quick energy boost - which might be ok if you run the 50-meter dash right after. But Coach Taylor explained that the sugar rush only lasts so long and then you crash...not so great if you're working on endurance training. Or even studying for an exam.

The nutritionist registered dietitian taught us that sugar doesn't react like fats. Good fats - like canola oil - slow down your metabolism so your food digests more slowly, and the energy stays with you longer.

Good to know, but the registered dietitian taught us something else as well: Everything in moderation. 


Gotta jet - time to "moderate" the gobbling down of one of those Tootsie Rolls.

- Chase Superman Duffy

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