Monday, 28 November 2011

Eating my mom out of house and home

Last spring, Coach Taylor took the track team out for lunch after a meet. I’d logged my personal best, and our school had won the most medals – I guess he wanted to celebrate.

When I ordered, Coach Taylor looked at my tray and said, “You’re not going to eat all of that, are you?” 

Well I did – and was still hungry... Mom’s always talking about how I’m going to eat them out of house and home. And when Coach isn’t teasing me, he talks about the importance of giving my body the right amount of fuel.

Grandma makes fun of how much I eat sometimes, too. She’s always making whole wheat pasta and rice, or salads with barley and wheat kernels. She hardly ever peels her potatoes (even when she mashes them). I always assumed that was the “farm way” – but I get it now.

It’s to help keep Grandpa’s blood sugars stay even.

As part of National Diabetes Month, the registered dietitian at the school talked about the importance of eating smaller portions, eating regularly, and choosing whole grains when possible.

It makes sense now. Just like I understand why Grandma adds a bit of canola oil to recipes – it helps make you feel more full, so you don’t overeat.

Smart thinking!

Gotta jet – Grandma’s making brunch and I am HUNGRY. It’s ok if I eat a lot though, right? I’m young and my body needs filling.

Plus, I dare you to resist Grandma’s cooking.

 - Chase Superman Duffy

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