Thursday 12 April 2018

A to Z Challenge: K is for Kevin

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K is for Kevin

Not all of the characters in the Superman Duffy series of graphic novels are made up—some of them are based on real people. Like Kevin Therres.

I talked about him briefly in my post about Gotta Jet! but he's truly remarkable and deserves his own post. He's one of my idols, and not just because he designed one of the fastest cars I've ever heard of. Kevin Therres is a true Canadian inventor.

Kevin and his family live in Saskatchewan. While he's been racing cars for most of his life—just my kind of person!—he is also a mechanic, and spends a lot of time fixing farm equipment. He and my grandpa go way back, and I've seen him working on Grandpa's tractors before.

But one day, Kevin started researching about fuel, and they figured out how to create the first jet engine funny car to run 100% on canola biodiesel. The corvette REALLY stands out on the race track, and when it fires up, the exhaust smells like popcorn. And, it's fast. Really fast. The car puts out 7,500 horsepower, and tops 250 mph in 6.4 seconds on the quarter mile.

But more than all that, Kevin Therres is an all around nice guy. He even let me sit in his race car! Maybe one day, he'll let me drive it. <grin>

And of course, you can read all about Kevin and his FAST cars in Gotta Jet. 

Gotta jet! But before I go, here's your second chance to WIN the complete set of Superman Duffy graphic novels.

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Have a great day! See you tomorrow for the letter "M."

~ Chase Superman Duffy

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  1. Sounds like a good book. Thanks for sharing this post. I know a guy named Kevin who does demo derby, which involves cars but not race cars.
    Happy a to z.