Friday, 6 April 2018

A to Z Challenge: F is for Fields of Home

Happy Friday! I hope you're ending the week with reading (or writing!) some Blogging from A to Z Challenge posts. Not sure what the challenge is about? Click here for the deets, or here for my theme reveal. And of course, you're welcome to read my past posts—starting with the letter "A" here.

Also, if you haven't read my "C is for canola" post, you should—you could WIN a set of all 15 of the Superman Duffy graphic novels, signed by the author. It's a massive prize, and to enter is simple. Read more here.

F is for Fields of Home

We're going back in time for today's post—to the very first book in the Superman Duffy series of graphic novels, Fields of Home. It was written in 2010—8 years ago!—but the subject of the story started many MANY years before that.

That's because Fields of Home tells the story of canola—and how a Polish farmer came to Canada with a handful of rapeseed in his pocket. Mr. Slovokuk planted that first crop in Shellbrook, Saskatchewan and from there, it has grown to be one of the biggest and most important crops in the country. Seriously! I bet if you look in our pantry RIGHT NOW you'll find a bottle of canola oil—we use it for all kinds of cooking.

Of course, there are all kinds of things we use canola and canola byproducts for—like biodiesel, animal feed, and more. You can learn all about it in the Superman Duffy series of graphic novels, which of course begins with Fields of Home.

Be sure to contact the Alberta Canola Producers Commission to get a copy of this book (it's a bestseller!) OR click here to read the post that tells you how to win the WHOLE set.

Gotta jet! See you tomorrow for the letter "G"—you can probably guess what book will be featured. <grin>

~ Chase Superman Duffy

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