Wednesday, 4 April 2018

A to Z Challenge: D is for Dinosaur

Happy Wednesday! We're FOUR days into the Blogging From A to Z Challenge—how are you holding up?

Not sure what the challenge is about? Read all about it here. Missed my theme post? Click here to catch up.

And of course, you can read my "A" post here. (I'll give you a second to read B and C, too.)

Okay, ready for today's post? It's a fun one!

D is for Dinosaur

What do dinosaurs have to do with me or the Superman Duffy graphic novels? Actually, quite a bit! Dinosaurs are featured in the book TRANSPIRATION—along with a mermaid and some scary looking sea creatures.

That's the adventure where "cartoon me" goes for a normal run around my grandfather's canola farm, and then ends up in a prehistoric desert...and then swimming for my life in a body of water filled with sharks, octopi, and even the Ogopogo. Clearly I get out unharmed, but the message of the book has to do with water.

In the story, I start off my run without water—which creates the desert-like conditions prime for a friendly T-Rex hallucination. Then, I drink TOO much water, which has it's own near-tragic effect. Really, the story talks about how important is for your body to have the right balance of water...

...which is important for crops as well. Canola can't grow in a drought, and too much water isn't ideal either. For maximum growth, canola—like our bodies—needs the right balance of water. It's an important message—told with a prehistoric twist! (And a T-Rex!)

Would you like a copy of TRANSPIRATION for your classroom? You can order it via the Alberta Canola Producers Commission website. Or, you can re-read my "C" post to see how you can WIN the full set of 15 books.

Gotta jet! See you tomorrow for the letter "E!"

~ Chase Superman Duffy 

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