Friday, 17 June 2016

The mindboggling stats of the Olympics!

We’ve been doing a lot of Olympics-inspired assignments in class this past week—like writing fake biographies on some of the athletes who will be competing in Rio de Janeiro this summer, pinpointing the torch relay on a giant map of Brazil, or brainstorming reasons why some of the Russian athletes might/might not be allowed to compete.

But yesterday, we researched some mindboggling stats (for a neat math lesson) that are so cool I had to share.

Like, did you know that in the sports events alone, the Games will use 400 footballs, 250 golf carts, 54 boats, and about 32,000 tennis balls? And get this: The Olympic village—the largest to date—will house 80,000 chairs, 70,000 tables, 29,000 mattresses and 60,000 clothes hangers. Oh, and 6,000 TV sets. Crazy!

I know math isn’t my best subject, but those numbers impress even me.

Grandpa is always saying it takes a village to grow canola—scientists, mechanics, labourers and so many more professionals!—but I think to put on the Olympics, you need, well, an entire nation.

I don’t know about you, but all these lessons in class are getting me pumped to watch my favourite athletes compete for gold this August. What sport is YOUR favourite? Who will YOU be watching this summer?

Gotta jet! Have a great weekend. And Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads out there, especially mine.

— Chase Superman Duffy

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