Friday, 3 June 2016

How will YOU recognize World Environment Day?

Maybe it’s because my grandparents are farmers, or the fact that my dad and I love to take wildlife pictures, but World Environment Day is kind of a big deal in our family—and in my opinion, it should be in yours too.

World Environment Day is an opportunity for everyone across the globe to understand environmental issues—and to take action. Obviously there are major initiatives underway (for this year’s theme and information about the “host” country, check out the WED website here. but like my grandpa always says, there are things we can be doing every day to gain awareness about environmental issues. (That’s something he thinks about as a farmer all the time!)

This weekend, I’ll pay more attention to turning out the lights, and to watch less TV to conserve energy. Mom will cook using whatever local produce is available and  we’ll bike  as a family—why drive  any short distance? Amelia and I will help  dad do a recycling trip – old papers to the local shredding event, drop off a couple of broken computer chairs at the community league’s large bin event. Get the idea?  

And on Sunday when we go for dinner to my grandparents’ house, I’m going to learn how to make  compost. Well, on second thought, because they are using worms, I will learn by watching Amelia set up the compost. That should be fun, right?

I might even write a haiku or a poem about World Environment Day—if the muse strikes.

So, what am I missing? Share you WED  ideas in the comments!

Gotta jet! Have a great weekend. 

— Chase Superman Duffy

PS – If you’re in the Red Deer, AB area this weekend, check out the Central Alberta Children’s Festival. The author of the Superman Duffy comics will be there talking about how you can get copies of the books for YOUR school or library—FREE!

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