Friday, 10 June 2016

Gearing up for summer break—with a challenge!

I don’t know what’s happening in YOUR school, but at mine, we have officially launched into “review” mode—and you know what THAT means, right? SUMMER BREAK is just around the corner!

Don’t get me wrong—I like school. But throughout July and August, I get to sleep in (a little), write as much as I want, and read as many books as I can cram in. Not to mention watch movies, binge watch Netflix, help my grandparents on the farm, practice my sprints at ANY time of the day, and…well, you get the picture, I’m sure.

Every year before summer break, I make a list of things I’m going to tackle over the next couple of months. This year, I’m bringing back the usual suspects—like writing a short story, practicing my photography skills with Dad, and running at the farm—but I’m adding a special challenge for myself: READ MORE BOOKS.

I have read a sad number of books this year, and it’s not because I haven’t wanted to! I just haven’t made the TIME.

Well, this summer, I’m blocking off a chunk of EVERY day to read—one page, one chapter, one book…whatever I can get in. By September, I plan to have read 12 books. That’s 6 in July, another 6 in August. Think I can do it?

What about YOU?

Consider this me throwing down the official challenge gauntlet . Be sure to share your “read” books in the comments section of this blog—and I will too. Starting July 1, the challenge begins! (Of course, you should already be reading… this blog post is your (and my) reminder!

Gotta jet! Have a great weekend... reading?

— Chase Superman Duffy

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