Tuesday, 23 April 2013

T is for Teacher

I'm super excited to be testing my blogging stamina by taking part in the A-Z Blogging Challenge. Started by the awesome Arlee Bird, the challenge is to write a post every day of the month (except Sundays) based on the appropriate letter for the day. Sound confusing? Stick with me throughout April and you'll get it. My theme is: Things that inspire me.
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I love school. No, I’m not just sucking up in case my teachers read this blog – I actually really love going to class. Not every class, of course. Math is kind of hard and I’m not sure about band. But pretty much every other subject is great.

I love learning new things, spending time with my friends, and yeah, I really like my teachers. Especially Mrs. Kratky. She teaches Science and Language Arts, my two favourite subjects –science because I’m fascinated with astronomy, innovation, and chemistry. And of course, Language Arts because I love to write. I’m writing a new story right now.

Mrs. Kratky has taught me a lot about both subjects, plus she brings in all kinds of great speakers. Like Mr. Thirsk for Science. He’s the cool astronaut I featured for the letter “R” – check it out here.

I’ve been pretty lucky over the years. Even though I don’t love all subjects, I’ve had great teachers. It must be hard being a teacher – dealing with different kinds of kids, keeping calm when the class gets out of hand, and knowing not to give up, even when the student may want to. It takes a special kind of person to be a teacher, I think. Lucky for me, I’ve met some really special people.

Who is YOUR favourite teacher?

Gotta jet!

- Chase Superman Duffy

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