Tuesday, 2 April 2013

B is for Books

I'm super excited to be testing my blogging stamina by taking part in the A-Z Blogging Challenge. Started by the awesome Arlee Bird, the challenge is to write a post every day of the month (except Sundays) based on the appropriate letter for the day. Sound confusing? Stick with me throughout April and you'll get it. My theme is: Things that inspire me.

*     *     *

I love books.

I know reading is really important if you want to be a writer, and that literacy is a big deal – my teachers say “being literate” actually increases your happiness. Not to mention, the opportunity to get better jobs later in life.

Books are great for those reasons, definitely. But the reason I love books is because they INSPIRE my creativity. I remember the first book my Mom read to me when I was little. Love you Forever by Robert Munsch. What a great story!

Of course, I read all kinds of books now – spooky stories, adventures, fairy tales, even the classics. (I don’t read the mushy stuff though…except the Princess Bride, because that’s just a great story.) Every time I read, my brain fills up with ideas. I start writing them down, and before I know it, I’m creating characters, building plots, even writing chapters!

Yep, I love books. What’s YOUR favourite?

Gotta jet!

- Chase Superman Duffy

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  1. Great post. I'm loving that my 12 year old wants to be an author, my 10 year old an illustrator, and my niece an editor. It's all in the family!