Friday, 19 April 2013

Q is for Quiet

I'm super excited to be testing my blogging stamina by taking part in the A-Z Blogging Challenge. Started by the awesome Arlee Bird, the challenge is to write a post every day of the month (except Sundays) based on the appropriate letter for the day. Sound confusing? Stick with me throughout April and you'll get it. My theme is: Things that inspire me.
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When I’m at the gym, I listen to my iPod. Music gets me through a tough workout, and keeps my mind off of how far I still have to run. Not to mention, it stops me from getting bored. When you’re used to running in the outdoors, the treadmill can be pretty mundane.

But get me outside, and I enjoy the peace and quiet. In fact, I prefer “quiet” most of the time – especially when I’m reading or relaxing. Sometimes I play music in the background while I write, but even then, I block out the sound half the time.

When I run, the “quiet” helps me focus on my breathing, the soft patter of my feet hitting the ground. I pay attention to my surroundings so I don’t trip. And there’s so much to see – like blooming canola fields in the summer, and the leaves changing colour in the fall.

Yeah, I love the quiet.

What’s your favourite thing to do in your quiet time?

Gotta jet!

- Chase Superman Duffy

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  1. I like quiet from time to time too, Chase.