Tuesday, 16 April 2013

N is for New

I'm super excited to be testing my blogging stamina by taking part in the A-Z Blogging Challenge. Started by the awesome Arlee Bird, the challenge is to write a post every day of the month (except Sundays) based on the appropriate letter for the day. Sound confusing? Stick with me throughout April and you'll get it. My theme is: Things that inspire me.
*   *   *

There’s nothing more awesome for me than when I set a new personal best, or slip into a new pair of running shoes, or even when I start a new story on a fresh sheet of paper. “New” kind of means “fresh start” to me – how about you?

I know I’m one of the lucky kids because even though I’m not spoiled, my parents make sure my sister and I have “new” things every once in a while. Like clothes and school supplies. Sure, that stuff is great. But I also like other kinds of “new” – like new experiences, learning something new, or discovering a new TV show or author.

Last week, I read a new book by John Green and he’s now one of my favourite authors. My Dad and I hiked a new trail while snowshoeing, and I tried a new setting on the treadmill at the gym. A new kid started at our school, and Mom bought me a new notebook for the new story I’m writing. I also tried a Greek salad, which was new to me – and I loved it. Oh, and my sister got a new beta fish. That’s a whole lot of “new” last week alone.

So, what’s “new” with you?

Gotta jet!

- Chase Superman Duffy


  1. Hey Chase - I've met a lot of new bloggers like yourself. Glad to see your challenge is going well. Feel free to swing by sometime. Happy blogging!

    Kelly's Eye - Music, Work, Life

  2. Love your blog, Chase. So much so I'm nominating you for a Liebster award. Check out my blog in a couple of hours for details.


  3. This blog is beautiful and I owe Rocky for bringing me here. Really pretty site.