Friday, 16 September 2011

Feastival is coming!

My Dad bought our family tickets to FEASTIVAL! Well, everyone except me and my sister – we're too young. I can hardly wait until I’m old enough to go.

What’s the big deal? The annual FEASTIVAL of FINE CHEFS is like a giant smorgasbord of delicious local food cooked by some of the best chefs in Edmonton.
My grandparents love to attend, but this will be Feastival’s 23rd year and Grandpa says he’s only been a handful of times. It’s harvesting season, and if the weather is nice, he’ll be out in the field, or helping someone else with their crops. That's most important.

Grandma almost always goes to Feastival, though – usually with her best friend. She loves learning about new ways to cook. And Grandpa says she meets a bunch of new friends because she loves to talk. <grin>

When I’m old enough, Grandpa’s going to show me the ropes – like how to save some room for the amazing desserts. That’s his favourite part. This year, there’s going to be an oil tasting. Grandma is really excited about it, but I don’t get the big deal. Grandma uses canola oil in her cooking, but I wouldn’t drink the stuff, that’s for sure.

This will be my parents’ first Feastival. Mom is looking forward to a night out. Hmmm….I wonder what Dad is really excited about? Probably the desserts, like Grandpa!

Ok, gotta jet. Have a great weekend!

- Chase Superman Duffy

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