Friday, 2 September 2011

Are you labouring this Monday?

Monday is Labour Day, which means the school is closed. Dad doesn’t work either. But Mom is a nurse at a medical clinic and she’s working the morning shift. That’s crazy!

My teacher says even though it’s a statutory holiday and most workers are entitled to a day off with pay, many companies choose to stay open – like restaurants, mall stores, and tourist attractions.

Grandpa will be laboring for sure this weekend. It’s harvest time and unless there’s rain – or too much morning dew – he’ll be in the canola field. Which is where I’ll be. It’s tradition for me to help out around the farm.

If the crop is too wet, Grandpa and I will fix any broken machinery. And usually, Grandma and my sister are in the kitchen drying fresh herbs, making flavoured oils and freezing corn on the cob. I’d help, but Grandma says I eat more than I save. (You should see me in a pea patch!)

How about you? Do you and your family have plans for the Labour Day long weekend?

Gotta jet.

- Chase Superman Duffy

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