Friday, 8 July 2011

Stampeding to Calgary

You wouldn’t believe the storm over Grandpa’s canola field last night! It was like a strobe light was in my room with all of the lightening – it flashed every three seconds for almost two hours. The power went out. My internet crashed. The thunder even rattled Grandma’s dishes.

I love a good thunderstorm, but last night was a bit much. I even heard on the news that there were three tornadoes that touched down in Alberta. Scary!

I’m staying with my grandparents this week because we’re going to the Calgary Stampede today. I can hardly wait. Grandpa says he’ll even go on most of the rides with me – if I’m good while Grandma shops, and Grandpa visits his favourite agricultural booths. (Don’t say anything, but I really don’t mind shopping or visiting with Granda’s friends at the Alberta Canola Producers’ display.)

Have you ever been to the Stampede? It’s amazing! My favourite part is the rides (and those mini donuts, shhh), but Grandpa bought us tickets for the rodeo this year. It will be my first time.

And Grandma says if we hurry there’s a chance we might even see the royal couple – William and Kate. I guess I better start practicing my royal wave…

Gotta jet.

- Chase Superman Duffy

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