Friday 15 July 2011

Racing against the mosquitoes!

Maybe I'll be able to run as fast as a deer!

 I am on fire this week!

Between an inspirational writing week at WordsWorth, a great trip to the Calgary Stampede (even though I didn’t see Will and Kate), and a solid few days of running, it’s been a perfect July.

Minus the rain and mosquitoes, of course.

I’m really gearing up for track training.

Grandpa says I need to work hard, like the race horses we saw at the Stampede. I did some research, and just like for track and field, a horse’s training schedule depends on the race – most importantly, the time and distance. And just like humans, their fitness plan has to be properly coordinated to prevent injury.

I wonder if they eat canola, too? I’ll have to ask Grandma about that. The proper fuel is key, right?

And so is knowing your body well enough to understand how to achieve your personal best. Take me - I’m a sprinter, but I still need to log some longer runs to keep my endurance at peak.

Lucky for me, the canola fields are in full bloom and I can run along the roads by Grandpa’s crops. This year, I’m going to shatter my record!

Maybe then I’ll outrun the mosquitoes...

Gotta jet!

- Chase Superman Duffy

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