Friday, 1 July 2011

Celebrating Canada Day

Happy Birthday, Canada!

I love Canada Day, because every year Grandpa and Grandma come into the city to watch the fireworks with us, and Mom invites all of the neighbours over for a barbecue. Dad and I have a hot dog decorating contest – that’s when you put as many different foods and as much as you want to on your hot dog. I always win because he says chocolate doesn’t go with mustard and ketchup. 

It’s tradition!

I’ve been thinking a lot about traditions this week, especially when I’m out on my runs. Did you catch that? *Out* on my runs – the sun’s been shining much more, which means no more indoor running for me! 

Traditionally, I’d head to Grandpa’s farm after the Canada Day fireworks and spend the first few days of the holidays helping Grandma in the garden and Grandpa in the field. Some of the canola fields are starting to bloom, so there’s work to be done – like scouting.  No, that doesn’t mean pitching a tent and being a Boy Scout; that’s when Grandpa and I walk through the fields with a net and swish it through the crop and see how many bugs get caught up in the net. Grandpa says that’s a good way to know how many bugs are feasting on his canola.

This year, I can’t go to the farm.

That’s right, I’m breaking tradition! But it’s for a great cause. On Sunday, I’m going to WORDSWORTH, the camp for young writers who believe in the power of words. I can hardly wait. Camp, words, and running with the mountains as a backdrop – could it get any better?

I think this year, I’m going to start a new tradition, like being thankful for all of the reasons it’s great to be a Canadian. Sounds like a list I can start mulling over on this afternoon's run.

Gotta jet. Hope you get to celebrate Canada’s birthday with your family – and some new ways to top your hot dogs!

- Chase Superman Duffy

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