Friday 22 March 2019

A is for...Help?

The annual Blogging from A to Z Challenge starts in just over a week and—gulp—I don't even have a theme yet!

I admit, for a brief second, I considered not doing it at all—26 blog posts in one month is a lot. But then I looked back at past themes—writing tips, things that grow, people that inspire me—and I realized not only are people reading those posts (thank you!), but I love writing them.

Plus, this year is the 10th anniversary of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. Who wouldn't want to celebrate that milestone?!

So, I'm doing it. I think. Well, I mean I am doing it—but first, I need to come up with a theme. Your suggestions are very welcome. Seriously.

April is poetry month, so I could do a poem a day, but that's a lot of poetry and aside from the occasional haiku, I don't write poems...well. I could do book reviews...but I'm not sure I've read enough books in the past two years? Maybe I could talk about books I WANT to read?

What else?

Things that grow?
Famous track and field stars?
Recipes from my grandma's kitchen?

So many options! Please help me narrow it down. 

Leave a comment below, or email your suggestion to me at I'll send you a copy of one of the Superman Duffy graphic novels just for helping me out—plus, I'll put your name into a draw for a chance to win the whole set.

I'll reveal my theme next Friday—so you've got a week to offer up your suggestions. Are you doing the Blogging from A to Z Challenge? Let me know so I can follow you.

Gotta jet!

~ Chase Superman Duffy

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