Friday, 2 November 2018

NaNoWriMo Day #2: What To Write

Hey, everyone! *waves*

Did you hit your word count goal yesterday? I did—but just barely. But it occurs to me that while *I* went into NaNoWriMo with a bunch of story ideas...some of you may still be stuck on what to write. Don't worry! Even if you didn't start yesterday, it's not too have the whole month to play catch up.

So, I conjured up a few creative writing prompts that will hopefully get your fingers itching to write (or type). Scroll down to see if anything ignites your imagination:

  1. Write a story about a young boy or girl who wants to change one thing about the world. What would that thing be, and how would he or she change it? With super powers (I'd totally love to be invisible) or through collaboration (it takes a village!), or....? 
  2. What's the weirdest fashion trend you've ever seen? (Shorts over pants, anyone?) Create a character with terrible fashion sense and then write a story about a day in his or her life. Maybe his or her clothing choices aren't so bad after all....
  3. Christmas is coming (53 sleeps!)—what's the best gift you've ever received? What if it had magical powers? Write a tale about what powers that present might have, and how you would use them. 
  4. Create a folktale about why the racoon wears a mask. (Whoa, that could actually be pretty cool...if I hadn't already started writing my ghost story I'd consider this one for sure!) 
  5. Have you ever wished for something, only to regret it later? There's something to that saying "Be careful what you wish for." In the Superman Duffy graphic novel AS YOU WISH, Chase (aka: me) makes a pretty ridiculous wish. What would be YOUR wish, and how could it possibly go wrong? 

Anything on that list worth writing about?

If you've already started your work in progress, but you have other ideas, share them in the comments—you might help a fellow writer get unstuck!

Plus, I'll send you a copy of AS YOU WISH. Leave a comment and then email me your address.

Gotta jet! Good luck on today's word count.

~ Chase Superman Duffy

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