Friday, 5 January 2018

Training (And Farming) With This Mixed-Up Weather

Can you believe this weather?

Last week, it was so cold that outdoor New Year's Eve events were CANCELLED. No skating, no hot chocolate at the Legislator grounds—we didn't even watch the fireworks. (Though, we sure heard them. I can't believe people went outside to WATCH them!)

But this week, I'm back to running outside—the other day in my T-SHIRT! Sure,  I’m dodging ice patches, but many of those are melting too. I just treat the sidewalk or trails like an obstacle course. Coach says it’s great training for track.

But this weather isn't necessarily great for crop farmers, my grandpa says, because in his area, there's been very little snow. And a lack of snow means that winter and perennial crops like alfalfa and winter wheat aren’t insulated.

Snow insulates plants like that “pink stuff” in our houseskeeps us warm. And without snow, cold temperatures (like those last week) or high winds will damage the crops and they won't survive until next spring. With the weather experienced last week, there's a chance the damage has been done.

For the farmer's sake, I'm hoping for snow. Even if it covers the sidewalks and trails, I can go snowshoeing—one of this year's outdoor activity goals. Especially if the temperatures stay reasonable!

Anyway, gotta jet! This weekend I'm running...unless it snows. Then you'll find my strapped to a pair of snow shoes and exploring new trails.

See you next week!

~ Chase Superman Duffy

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