Friday, 12 January 2018

Soup's On! Keeping Warm During The Deep Freeze

I don’t know what the weather is like where you are, but most of the province is back in the deep freeze—yesterday, we dipped down to -37C again, and it’s been three days since I’ve been able to run outside. Training on my treadmill just isn’t the same, and if I don’t do something, I’ll go stir crazy. (I mean, aside from all of the reading I’m doing…)

My weather app says we’re going to snap out of this cold tomorrow (just in time for the weekend), but this is Alberta, and anything could happen. Which is why I’m thankful Mom has been making a lot of soup, stews, and casseroles for dinner. Not only do those hearty (or heavy) meals provide comfort, they can keep you warm!

To keep my energy levels up when I’m running (or just playing outside), Mom says it’s important to eat nutrient-dense, balanced meals of proteins, whole grains and healthy fats.

Like when I stay at Grandma’s this weekend, I know she’ll make me a ham, spinach and lower-fat cheese omelette, or delicious oatmeal sprinkled with raisins, pumpkin seeds, vanilla yogurt, and a little brown sugar. YUM!

Mom never makes that stuff. She says it’s too “tempting” and her portions are always too big—her New Year’s resolution (again) is to lose a few pounds and she’s been eating rabbit-food for days, even when we're eating potato soup. No wonder she’s always cold! Maybe it’s time I gave her a dose of her own medicine and learned how to make some kind of comfort food the won't be able to resist.

Wait! Maybe there’s a recipe in TASTING MY STORY! I’m going to check it out. Don’t have a copy? You can order it from 

Gotta jet! Have a great weekend!

~ Chase Superman Duffy

P.S. If you like to cook, Grandma says there’s great food recipes at The picture of the soup above is from that website. Here's the recipe.

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