Friday, 21 October 2016

Look at me, I'm...Superman?

My sister Amelia and I were in our grandparents’ attic last weekend rooting through some of Grandma’s old clothes, when Amelia found this antique dress that kind of reminded me of something you’d wear to a high school dance. (Not that I’ll ever go to one of those—I have two left feet!)

Anyway, Amelia draped it over herself and beamed at me. “Look, I’m a princess,” she said.

I guess I could have explained that wearing a fancy dress didn’t make her an actual princess—but I stopped myself just in time. Who am I to crush her dreams? Because actually this Halloween, when I throw on my Superman cape, my Frankenstein mask, or any other costume, I get to be whomever I want. A fireman? A doctor? How about a farmer?

Halloween is the ULTIMATE day of dress up. And sometimes, it can be a dress rehearsal for your dream job. Sure, I like being nicknamed Superman, but that job is already taken (and there is only one TRUE Superman). And what I really want is to be an Olympic athlete. Or a writer. Or maybe even something in the agriculture field…no, not a farmer. I don’t think I would be good at that. But what about a crop scientist? Or a farm mechanic like Grandpa’s friend, Kevin Therres? Did you know that there are HUNDREDS of jobs in the agriculture field? For real!

The other me—“Chase Duffy”—learns about quite a few of them in the new Superman Duffy comic, IT TAKES A VILLAGE. It’s probably one of the funniest books in the collection—and may be the last! 

Want a copy? Comment on this post with your dream job or what you’re dressing up for this Halloween and you could WIN the full set of 14 books.

Gotta jet! I still need to finalize what I want to be for this year’s Halloween. 

Maybe I’ll give one of those career costumes a try. What about you?

~ Chase Superman Duffy 

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