Friday, 27 November 2015

To cliche or not to cliche?

Okay. That’s not actually a serious question.

In fact, I’ve spent the entire month working on not writing clichés in my NaNoWriMo project (just three days left!) You know, those familiar phrases that are used over and over and…

They’re the bane of every writer’s existence.

So today—on PINS AND NEEDLES DAY—I thought I’d give you a Top 10 list of the clichés you should avoid like the plague. (ha! See what I did there?)
  1. Dead as a door nail
  2. Low hanging fruit
  3. Faster than a speeding bullet
  4. The pot calling the kettle black
  5. Think outside the box
  6. Thick as thieves
  7. Plenty of fish in the sea
  8. Like a kid in a candy store
  9. Fish out of water
  10. Take a tiger by the tail
Hey! What’s your least favourite cliché? (Or favourite, if you prefer.) Comment below—I’m waiting on pins and needles to hear your answer. (Ha!)

Gotta jet!

~ Chase Superman Duffy

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