Friday, 13 November 2015

13 Freaky Facts About Friday the 13th

I’m not very superstitious.

Walking under ladders, crossing paths with a black cat—those things don’t scare me. But I admit, I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Friday the 13th.

Not the movie (though that’s pretty scary) but the actual day…like today. It makes me kind of nervous. Turns out I have good reason.

Check out these freaky facts about the number 13.
  1. The British Navy is said to have built a ship named Friday the 13th, which on its maiden voyage left dock on a Friday the 13th and was never heard from again. Bermuda Triangle, anyone?
  2. Apollo 13—the rocket that exploded in 1970—launched at 13:13 on April 11, 1970. It exploded on the 13th. Not a Friday, but still…
  3. Many hospital rooms have no room 13, and some tall buildings skip the 13th floor. I’ve actually seen that!
  4. Fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskavekatriaphobia as well as friggatriskaidekaphobia. Try saying those ten times fast!
  5. Quarterback Dan Mariono wore #13 throughout his career with the Miami Dolphins (Grandpa’s favourite team)—but despite being called one of the greatest quarterbacks of ALL time, he never won a Superbowl.
  6. Butch Cassidy, notorious American train and bank robber, was born on Friday, April 13, 1866.
  7. Fidel Castro was born on Friday, August 13, 1926.
  8. U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt would not travel on the 13th day of any month and would never host 13 guests at a meal. What happens if someone cancels last minute?
  9. Superstitious diners in Paris can hire a quatorzieme, or professional 14th guest. Sign me up!
  10. Napoleon was triskaidekaphobic—he had an abnormal fear of the #13.
  11. The 1980 film “Friday the 13th” made nearly $40 million during it’s initial cinema run.
  12.  It’s estimated that 21 million North Americans fear Friday the 13th. (I’m one of them for sure!)
  13. Want to ward off Friday the 13th bad luck? According to superstition, you should: touch wood, cross your fingers, avoid black cats, or throw salt over your shoulder. How about all of the above?!
Gotta jet! May you have a LUCKY Friday the 13th

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for another A-Z of NaNoWriMo post — we're almost half way through the month! How much writing have YOU done?

— Chase Superman Duffy

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