Wednesday, 29 April 2015

A to Z Challenge: Y is for Yarrow

This month, I’m taking part in the A-Z Blogging Challenge, the annual event where hundreds of bloggers write 26 blogs—one for each letter of the alphabet—and post them each day of April, except Sundays. This year, I’m blogging about: THINGS THAT GROW IN ALBERTA. Don’t forget to check back daily and leave a comment on my blog, Facebook page, Twitter, Tumblr or via email at I’ll randomly pick a few winners who will WIN a SIGNED copy of one of the Chase “Superman Duffy” comics.

Before starting this blogging challenge, I had no idea what yarrow was, so if the word doesn’t ring any bells, I don’t blame you. It’s kind of a funny name—but it’s actually a really cool flowering plant. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in my mom or grandma’s garden—though, maybe it should be!

Yarrow has been valued since ancient times for its ability to STOP bleeding, one of the reasons it’s also called “nosebleed”— just hold a piece of the plant up against the wound. These days, yarrow is more used to fight off colds and flus, and also as an ingredient in many herbal cosmetics. It’s also pretty popular in flower bouquets and even dried for potpourri (you know, that smelly stuff!)

Yarrow grows in many different colours—white, yellow, gold, pink and red. It doesn’t need a lot of attention (even I should be able to grow it), but, like most of us, it prefers the sun.

When steeped in tea, yarrow promotes digestion, lowers blood pressure, improves circulation, and can even fend off a cold or the flu. Never mind the super foods I’ve been talking about all month—Yarrow should be a “power flower!” (Okay, maybe that was a bit cheesy…what can I say? I have a good imagination!)

Speaking of imagination…The author of the Chase Superman Duffy books had her imagination super charged when she wrote TRANSPIRATION, the ninth book in the comic series about me. It has dinosaurs, mermaids, and sea monsters! Same rules as before—comment below or on my social media links for a chance to WIN a copy.

Gotta jet! See you tomorrow for the letter Z—and the END of the A to Z Challenge. Whew! What a month!

—Chase Superman Duffy


  1. Yarrow is such a small, pretty flower that often goes unnoticed until you really look at it.

  2. Yes! And, for some reason, it doesn't LOOK like its name...if that makes sense.