Tuesday, 14 April 2015

A to Z Challenge: L is for Lilacs

This month, I’m taking part in the A-Z Blogging Challenge, the annual event where hundreds of bloggers write 26 blogs—one for each letter of the alphabet—and post them each day of April, except Sundays. This year, I’m blogging about: THINGS THAT GROW IN ALBERTA. Don’t forget to check back daily and leave a comment on my blog, Facebook page, Twitter, Tumblr or via email at chase.superman.duffy@gmail.com. I’ll randomly pick a few winners who will WIN a SIGNED copy of one of the Chase “Superman Duffy” comics.

Living in Alberta sometimes means waiting a little longer than most parts of the country for true signs of spring. Grandma is JUST starting to see her tulips and daffodils emerge from the soil, when in many provinces—like British Columbia—they’re in full bloom.

For me, spring only feels real when the lilacs start to bloom. On my street, almost every second house has a bush or two—mostly purple, with a few white here and there. I love the scent of them as I run by during Track and Field practice.

Sadly, they aren’t in bloom for long—just a few weeks.

We don’t have lilacs in our yard, but the lady down the street has tons. Sometimes on the way back from a run, or after school she lets me pick a bunch for my mom. Lilacs don’t last long in water, either, but for that short time, the dining room smells great!

I thought about asking my dad if we can plant our own lilac bush but there are two problems with that—we don’t get enough sun in our yard AND young lilac bushes take about three years to mature. I don’t know if I’m THAT patient.

Oh, speaking of flowers…my grandma’s favourites are featured in 5-7-5 ERRAND BOY, the seventh book in the Chase “Superman” Duffy series. If you haven’t read it, you know the drill…comment below or on any of my social media links for a chance to WIN a copy.

Gotta jet! See you tomorrow for a patriotic letter M.

— Chase Superman Duffy


  1. I never met a lilac I didn't like. Good luck with A to Z. We're almost halfway there.

  2. Thanks for stopping by—good luck as well!